Create your
money-making website
in 4 lessons
Intensive website building course from scratch on WebX.Page platform
Tired to waste time and money looking for developers, negotiating too much, waiting for results too long, and getting unexpected outcomes? Imagine if you could create a website on your own without any coding skills in a few days. Would you be interested?
Just in 4 lessons you will:

- Build a website with your own hands
- Activate all necessary forms and services
- Publish your website
- Start making money by attracting new customers online
About course :
who want to learn something new
who need a website promptly launched for advertising campaign
who want to bring their business online
Business owners
beginners who wish to raise their income
The course is perfect for:
The Course Program :
Introduction to Webx.Page constructor. The main principles of website building
1. What a website builder is, what kinds of them there are, and what they are used for
2. What websites can be created on Webx.Page
3. Website structure. Rules and ways of building
Creating and filling the website structure
1. Key elements of the constructor functioning
2. Creating the website categories by means of main and additional collections
3. Building the basic website pages and separate elements
Configuration and activation of additional functions
1.Connecting online ordering system (shopping cart) and setting up the payment data
2. Creating feedback (orders) and review forms
3. Configuring the search and sorting filters on the website pages
Home page and website design
1. Features of building the home page
2. Configuring general website design, its pages and its separate elements
3. Activating and setting up Telegram notifications
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Make the first step to your dream website right now
- Access to training video records
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- Online real-time lessons in groups of 5-10 people
- Private Telegram chat to answer the questions and talk with other participants
- All 'Gold' features
- Personal online one-hour consultaion with a supervisor
- Final review of your website
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